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We sell advertisement space on our website. Get unlimited 100% GENUINE views for your website. Members can also increase their passive earnings by purchasing ad packs. Members can also earn FREE MONEY by watching videos and viewing ads.
Crypto Ad Space offers a lot of packages to advertisers like login ads package, website views package, banner impressions package and watch videos package. We keep a small percentage fromm all the purchases to cover our business costs and the rest is used to pay our members.
In advertisers program, members can generate unlimited genuine leads for their business. Advertisers can buy login ads, website ads, banner impressions or youtube views at affordable price.
In earners program, members can earn free money with ZERO INVESTMENT by watching others member's videos and viewing ads. Members can also buy ad packs to get up to 300% return on their total investment. Crypto Ad Space also offers 10% 3% and 1% referral commissions up to 3 levels on all purchases of your referrals and 5% 3% and 1% on all re-purchases. Referral commissions goes into your cash wallet that you can withdraw anytime.
Each ad pack costs $5.00 and expires after 100 days. You will get 200% return on your total investment in exactly 100 days. No clicking or recruiting required. Memebers will also get 100 website credit, 100 banner impressions and 5 login ad credit.
Premium membership costs $150 and it is a one time payment. It lasts for the lifetime even if your ad packs expired. Premium members will earn 3% daily for 100 days.
Minimum deposit is $1.00 and Minimum withdrawal limit is $10.00
Yes. Members can earn Free money with zero investment by watching Videos and Viewing Ads. We also offer 10% affilite commission
Please contact customer support center with your queries.

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